Symposium and Seminar

The twenty fifth return of the day when the first PIV measurements in a wind tunnel have been performed in Göttingen is considered to be a good opportunity to commemorate the early developments of the PIV technique and to contrast the technical possibilities of those days to the state-of-the-art of PIV today.

Decisive inventions will be acknowledged at this occasion as well as many small but significant contributions to the development of the PIV technique, made in the past two and a half decades by many researchers world wide. New users of the PIV technique, in most cases employing off-the-shelf commercial PIV systems, shall be familiarized with problems that had to be faced in the past due to inadequate technology of those days. In addition, as there are still documents (photos, PIV recordings, lab notes, etc.) available describing the research work from the early development of the PIV technique, it shall be discussed with experts in the field of the history of science whether an annotated compilation and archiving of such documents would be feasible.